UX / UI Delivery.

UX and UI are very interconnected and sometimes hard to split.

This is why I trust a well-rounded design approach and focus on 14 fundamental principles, tackling the user experience effectively and comprehensively.

Discover how these principles guided me in designing the Didomi Android TV and Apple tvOS applications.

A mobile app that connects to a spreadsheet and renders its content in the form of a list of cards. Personal project.

1) Affordance.

Users can understand the main purpose of a product and how to start using it just by watching it.

2) Hierarchy. 

A visible semantic structure underneath the product, and matches the users’ mental model.

3) Consistency. 

Users’ learning is facilitated by the standardization of elements, patterns and behaviours.

4) Storytelling. 

A flow of information that is engaging and meaningful guides the user experience.

5) Accessibility. 

Inclusive solutions that ensure everyone can use the product and benefit from it.

6) Predictability. 

The mechanics of the product and the way the interface behaves are expected by the users.

7) Adaptability. 

The users are able to utilize the product in different situations and scenarios.

8) Targeting. 

The Product is designed with its specific users in mind and take into account their unique characteristics.

9) Feedback. 

The product provides feedback to the users to clarify what is happening and inform them about the successes and the failures.

10) Assistance. 

Users can find help in troubleshooting problems related to product use.

11) Recognition. 

Users are provided with recognizable information to help them complete their tasks. Recognition is often seen in opposition to recall, which would require the users to make a more significant effort.

12) Resiliency. 

The product doesn’t rely on a single point of failure and keeps providing value even if damaged.

13) Reversibility. 

The actions of the users are easy to cancel or reverse.

14) Scannability.

Users can quickly go through its elements and its content and find the most important parts at a glance.

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